What We Offer Intermediaries

GrowthInvest provides an efficient online solution for advisors to manage and monitor client SEIS/EIS single company investments. Equity Crowdfunding for the advised market.

✓ Free registration for advisors and their clients, no performance fees or ongoing charges.
✓ Free use of bespoke portal to monitor & manage client SEIS/EIS single company investments.
✓ RDR compliant revenue whether advising clients or introducing directly.
✓ Different tiers of Due Diligence to fit your compliance requirements.
- Including independent reports from leading industry research houses.
✓ Ability to select, build and manage a portfolio of SEIS and EIS investments.
✓ Wide range of business types, sectors and risk profiles, enabling efficient diversification.
✓ Simple search and filter function to identify the right investments for your clients.
✓ Downloadable standard and bespoke reports to include; client reviews, business summaries.
✓ Assistance and guidance on SEIS/EIS, company and client readiness and HMRC process.
✓ Online and offline engagement with entrepreneurs via regular pitching events and private meetings.


How it Works

Go to: //growthinvest.com/Register/?#intermediary and sign up as an intermediary.Complete the registration form and questionnaire upon registration, ensuring you give company details and confirm whether your company has an existing account.

Your intermediary application will be dealt with immediately by our team and a Wealth Manager account will be created for you attached to the provided firm.

You will be notified via email of your log-in details, the default password can be changed in the “edit profile” area at any time.

Once logged in, you are able to perform numerous functions.

View investment proposals: Navigate to our “Business Proposals” area to view our SEIS & EIS investment proposals. Learn about all aspects of the businesses, filter by sector, tax relief, analyst reports or independent MICAP reports to assist you or your client in selecting the appropriate investment.

Add clients/invite clients to register: Add clients either individually or in bulk using .csv files. To individually add investors go to ‘’My account’’ and on the “investors” tab click on the “view firm investors”. Here you will find the add investor button in the top right corner. Alternatively send bespoke registration URL to clients so that they can register themselves within your account.

Create discussion groups: Using the “view groups” tab in your wealth manager dashboard.

Watch pitch event videos: Do this either from within the investment proposal or our separate Pitch Event area and leave feedback on the quality of the pitch.

Learn more about SEIS & EIS tax relief: Visit our “SEIS & EIS Information” section to learn about the tax relief and reclaim process.

Pledge investments: Do so on behalf of clients or simply monitor client activity yourself within your “Statistics” page. You will be notified via email of any pledged investment your clients have made.

Manage fees accrued: Monitor and manage accrued fees from client activity within your dashboard.

Monitor Client Portfolios: View and monitor client investments via the “Investors” tab on dashboard. Create and download client reports for annual or periodic reviews.