What We Offer Entrepreneurs

GrowthInvest provides mentoring and investment capital for businesses that qualify for SEIS or EIS. Listing is free which gains access to a large network of UK professional investors and financial intermediaries.

✓ Free registration, giving your business visibility to our network of over 1000 active angel and institutional investors and over 10,000 financial intermediaries.
✓ Simple and clearly defined online registration process.
✓ Ability to select different levels of Due Diligence to be performed on your business.
Larger average investment size per individual investor than many other crowdfunding platforms.
✓ Investment rounds from £150k upwards.
✓ Likelihood of follow on investment from our network.
✓ Ability to identify investors that bring added value to your business.
✓ 3 year track record of funding start up businesses.
✓ Assistance and mentoring to make your business investor ready.
✓ Online and offline engagement with investors via regular pitching events and private meetings.


How it Works

Go to: //growthinvest.com/Register/?#businessowner and sign up as an entrepreneur.Complete the registration in your own name, this will create your account as an entrepreneur.

You will automatically be taken through to your entrepreneur dashboard, here you should complete the Business Summary and Due Diligence Questionnaire’s as requested.A member of our team will contact you to discuss any assistance you may require in completing the forms, or indeed becoming investment ready.

We can assist in house with numerous requirements you may have, we also have numerous trusted partners who can help your business where we cannot.

Once your questionnaires are complete our investment committee will confirm your acceptance on to our Seed Incubator Tier. This tier is free of charge, gives you visibility to the thousands of investors in our network. Listing will take no more than 1 week from completion of your questionnaires.Thereafter you can elect for a higher level of Due Diligence and accept our terms of service.

Due Diligence is performed in house or  by our independent analysts. These tiers will make you more visible to a wider audience . This stage should take a maximum of 3 weeks, therefore 4 weeks maximum from registration.

Once your investment proposal is live you are able to engage investors in numerous ways;✓ Respond to questions raised in the Q&A section.

✓ Provide content for regular email updates to investors.
✓ Organise a private meeting or presentation to one or numerous investors.
✓ Register for one of our regular Live Pitching Events.
✓ You will be automatically notified of any activity on your proposal.
✓ When we receive pledges of investment we will notify you immediately and put you in touch with the investor.