An all new innovative emergency ambulance that is designed from the ground up to save lives and provide demonstrably better outcomes for patients, paramedics and hospitals will shortly launch an investment funding campaign on GrowthInvest.
International Ambulances Limited was formed in October 2016 by Phillip Bevan to commercialise his revolutionary new ambulance design, the “ACESO”. Bevan Davidson International (“BDI”), a technology design and development company led by Phil Bevan, has been engaged in developing a concept prototype on behalf of the Company, using the extensive experience they have gained in vehicle concept design and development.
The demands on the emergency services and ambulances have continued to grow. From recent NAO report and Helen Hamlyn Centre for Designa, there is a need and opportunity for an innovative ambulance that will achieve significantly better outcomes for patients.

As you may have read in the news, Accident & Emergency departments are often overwhelmed with demand. Surprisingly 48% of patients taken to A&E are not admitted to hospital. One of the key strategies of the government, NHS and ambulance services is to increase onsite and in community treatment, called the ‘See & Treat’ strategy. This can provide a better outcome/experience for patients while significantly reducing the onward cost to hospitals. A next generation Ambulance must continue to save lives whilst also becoming a successful mobile diagnosis and treatment centre.



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