We have now held a second investor evening with Adam Simmonds at The Test Kitchen, located in Soho, London. It has been as successful as the previous evening with an incredible culinary performance.

Not only does the food impress in the department of taste, but visually the dishes are nothing short of a masterpiece.

The 5 plate menu consisted of a veg dish, a fish dish, a meat dish, a cheese dish and lastly, a dessert, with the dessert being hailed as the favourite with a white chocolate namaleka, lemon verbena and violet:

image (6)

However, all the dishes followed a beautiful display, Simmonds certainly knows how to present a dish:

 Adam Simmonds 1

Adam Simmonds 2

Adam Simmonds creates a vibrant dining experience for anyone who has a love for food, head over to The Test Kitchen to make a reservation, and click here for more information on the proposal.



020 7071 3945


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