ARIE Capital would like to thank our investors for their interest and support. The ARIE Capital Technology EIS is well capitalised and we have finalised terms with our Investee Companies.

We never look to make random investments even if they are in similar/connected sectors. We look for a thematic investment strategy where investee companies can work together and trade with each other providing differing points of entry for sales (and thereby create revenue).

The proposed investee companies for the ARIE Capital Technology EIS fund (the “EIS Fund”) are as follows

2cb2CB is a company which owns proprietary telephony technology (wOnefone) which Taurus has been involved in for 24 months now and now has its first revenues and customers with rebuilt technology.



Flo Data, is a company which is associated to the Flo Group where ARIE Capital (non EIS, institutional fund) have already invested $4M. Flo Data are being contracted by 2CB to develop the virtual SIM which will be used by 2CB and the Flo Group on a worldwide basis.




Engage is a company that assists businesses to connect with their client base by providing a branded and customised smartphone application. Engage is looking to do what did to web site development, except for the development of smartphone applications. 


There is some remaining capacity in the investees fundraising rounds that can be delivered via the Fund. As such, we are accepting EIS applications up until 15th June, call GrowthInvest on 020 7071 3945 if you would like to discuss this opportunity. 



020 7071 3945


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