At GrowthInvest we are keen to track the progress of the companies the Portfolio Service invests in, so please read through the following investee company updates:

AI-powered search tool Krzana was recently used to monitor polling station issues and fake news in Mexico’s recent elections by assisting media groups in picking out and reacting to bogus information. Along with this, Krzana are closer to reaching their target of onboarding 100 user accounts in the next 12 months, at a much faster rate than they expected, potentially achieving this by Q4.
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Recyclabox now has over 40 boxes live and has orders for a further 28 within this investment round. There are signed contracts in place with both Morrisons and Sainsbury’s with the potential of new stores added as an addendum to existing contracts. Recyclabox also have managed to reduce the cost of manufacturing a machine, with targets of further reducing this cost.

DT10 Sports Ltd
DT10 Sports has now launched with the Ministry of Defence, supplying all Naafi shops and vendors, somewhat impressively displacing existing established brand MaxiMuscle. With their protein shakes and bars now produced, their online shop is close to completion and they are in advanced discussions with a number of national Gym Groups, Supermarkets and Health Shops to expand their distribution and presence nationwide.
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International Ambulances
They have now concluded their current round raising £1.2M, and are getting closer to completing the prototype with long-term goals and a high growth plan in place.
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Veloscient are well underway further improving the app, beginning Beta phase 2 very shortly and gaining engagement on LinkedIn.
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