Veloscient; a medical tech company who were introduced onto the platform in recent months have been enjoying significant activity and progress.

Veloscient is clinical notes for mobiles. It liberates hours each day, unlocking an estimated $60 billion* market with a mobile App that eliminates keyboards. Its UI breakthrough allows the capture of narrative and logic to configure the mobile App – what takes many minutes of typing can be compiled in seconds using any device’s touch screen. The captured narratives can be shared and optimised to transform care. With freemium pricing adoption is easy.

Recently the Veloscient team were in the US attending the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society expedition where they gained significant traction regarding awareness and product interest from other within investment and the healthcare and medical industry.

Veloscient have now also secured capital from a lead investor, Dr Edward Leatham – who is a cardiologist with 20 years experience in cardiology and internal medicine. He was the lead clinician and headed the R&D team at the Royal Surrey County Hospital and is the co-founder of The Heart and Stroke Trust Endeavour.

We are thrilled Veloscient have gained this amount of traction and are looking forward to hearing about more developments to come.



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