A1 Dev Notes

Log In Links

  • For any links to “log in” to the platform by the way, always use https://app.growthinvest.com – the redirect to the login will happen automatically but it needs to go through that link first

Ninja Tables (VCT Buy-Back Calendar Page)

  • If problems when uploading a new CSV file, Import it afresh and embed a new shortcode
  • Remove last 2 blank columns that appear magically after import
  • Check and fix header errors

Popup Launch By Link

  • https://elementor.com/help/how-to-trigger-a-popup-on-a-link-click/


  • Biogs use Posts with category of Team and are forced into the desired order using dates (row by month, column by date, and in reverse chronological order (ie. Daniel at the top has the earliest date, then Stuart, then Dave L, etc.).
  • All Posts should have ONLY 1 Category – so, eg. Platform but NOT “News” as well!
  • All Posts should ideally have different dates (if same date then they then appear to be ordered alphabetically, which is not obvious so seems unpredictable)

Adviser Hour Galley Images

  • On the main Adviser Hour page are two sections; Latest and Recent, which are updated automatically based on teh available Adviser Hour category posts.
  • Posts with the Category of “Adviser Hour” AND the tag of “latest” will appear ONLY in the Latest ection, and NOT the Recent section.
  • Add the tag of “latest” to the most recent Adviser Hour, and remove the tag from any previous posts.
  • Duplicate an existing AH post, then click “Edit with Elementor” to edit the Feature Image and button link to the restricted content login on the streaming service.

Menu Notes

  • Saved