Investment & Tax Details

How to use?

Try out our SEIS/EIS Calculator by following these steps:

  1. Choose your type of investment
  2. Enter the amount you plan to invest
  3. Select your income tax rate
  4. Select your Capital Gains Tax rate
  5. If your chosen investment is SEIS, select whether you would like to claim Capital Gains Tax SEIS relief
  6. Select your expected investment performance
  7. Press Calculate to show the performance


Investment -
SEIS Income Tax Relief -
Total Investment Return -
Capital at risk of total investment amount -
  • Capital at risk if you claim Income Tax Relief: N/A
  • Capital at risk if you ALSO claim SEIS Capital Gains Re-investment Relief: N/A
  • Capital at risk if you ALSO claim loss relief equal to your income tax rate band: N/A
  • Capital at risk if you claim all Tax Reliefs available: N/A
Capital Gains Tax -
Capital Gains Deferral Relief -
Capital Gains Re-Investment Relief -
Loss Relief -
Total Profit/Loss (including tax reliefs) -
% Change


Please note: This calculator is for illustrative purposes only and the exact tax relief on each investment will depend on personal circumstances. Please check with a registered financial adviser.