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We offer a full programme of support and guidance to help you raise much-needed capital to take your business to the next level. Register now to find out how we can help you become investment-ready, compliant and attractive to investors.

Benefits of working with GrowthInvest

GrowthInvest provides mentoring and investment capital for businesses that qualify for SEIS or EIS. Listing is free which gains access to a large network of UK professional investors and financial intermediaries.


Free Visibility

Free initial registration, giving your business visibility to our large network of investors, wealth managers and advisers.



Simple and clearly defined online registration process.



Ability to select different levels of Due Diligence to be performed on your business.



Larger average investment size per individual investor than many crowdfunding platforms.



4 year track record of funding growing businesses.



Assistance and mentoring to make your business investor ready.



Online and offline engagement with investors via regular pitching events and private meetings.



Ability to identify investors that bring added value to your business.

As a business seeking funding you are able to register and be listed on GrowthInvest free of charge. To do this you need to complete the following steps.

1. Register as an Entrepreneur here.

2. Complete the Business Summary Questionnaire.

3. Please ensure you answer all questions to the best of your ability.

4. Please upload copies of the following documents if available; Business Plan, Pitch Deck, Financial Forecasts, HMRC Advanced Assurance.

Your application will then be considered by our analysts. We will then contact you to discuss your proposition, any shortcomings and detail how we can assist you in becoming investment ready.

Once we are comfortable with your proposal you will be listed live on the platform within our platform listings section. The estimated time from registration to live listing is 1 week.

Please note: When listed in our platform listings tier you will be visible to our network of investors and able to communicate with them. You will be unable to receive any investment until you have selected a tier of Due Diligence.

How it works

Go to the registration page here. Complete the registration form and questionnaire, and this will create your account as an entrepreneur.

You will automatically be taken through to your entrepreneur “dashboard”, where you can complete the Business Summary and Due Diligence Questionnaires. A member of our team will be available to provide any assistance you may require in completing the forms, or becoming investment ready.

Once your questionnaires are complete our analysts committee will confirm your acceptance on to our platform listing Tier.

This tier is free of charge and gives you visibility to the investors in our network. Listing will take no more than 1 week from completion of your questionnaires. Thereafter you can elect for a higher level of Due Diligence and accept our terms of service.


Due Diligence is performed in house or by our independent analysts. These tiers will make you more visible to a wider audience.
This stage should take a maximum of 3 weeks, therefore a full listing should take a maximum of 4 weeks from registration.

Once your investment proposal is live you are able to engage investors in numerous ways:

  • Respond to questions raised in the Q&A section.
  • Provide content for regular email updates to investors.
  • Organise a private meeting or presentation to one or numerous investors.
  • Register for one of our regular Live Pitching Events.
  • You will be automatically notified of any activity on your proposal.
  • When we receive pledges of investment we will notify you immediately and put you in touch with the investor.

Due diligence



At GrowthInvest we offer businesses the ability to select from various levels of due diligence in order to increase their chances of a successful fundraise. This enables investors to feel comfortable with the level of scrutiny a business has received.



In addition, the tiers enable advisors and their clients to easily filter and select only those investment propositions that meet their compliance requirements. All businesses have, as a minimum requirement, been risk-assessed by a panel of analysts and have confirmed SEIS/EIS eligibility by HMRC. Investors are able to request that a business undergoes a higher level of due diligence by selecting the appropriate option under the pledge button.



Please ensure that the before reviewing any Due Diligence report you are aware of the potential limitations of such reports as set out in the Risk Warning and the Investor terms and conditions and the notices contained in each report.



For further information or examples of the below Due Diligence tiers please contact a member of the GrowthInvest team.


Platform Listings – No Charge 

Once a business has successfully answered the business profile and due diligence questionnaires, and provided related information , we will place the business onto the Listings tier.
This allows the business to be visible to investors, however investments cannot be received until a further level of due diligence has been completed in accordance with one of the tiers below.


Bronze Tier: Initial Due Diligence – £1000

The Bronze tier is designed to confirm that the investment strategy is in compliance with HMRC rules for SEIS or EIS eligibility , test the rationale of the business proposition and also includes a third party check on the creditworthiness of the business and its directors. The GrowthInvest in-house analyst will review the business plan and financial projections and collect a list of statutory and business related documents related to the companies good standing and the investment proposition.
This is the minimum stage of due diligence that must be completed for a business to become live on our platform in order to receive investments.


Silver Tier: Analyst Report – £2000

The Silver tier requires the provision of information in accordance with the Bronze tier and for the business to provide a report prepared by a business analyst appointed by us. The Analyst Report is designed to provide additional information and the businesses response to key characteristics and potential risks and opportunities contained within the investment proposal.


Gold Tier: Independent Report – £3000

The Gold tier requires the provision of information in accordance with the Bronze tier and for the investment opportunity to be subjected to an independent third party review and reporting process. The Gold Tier report will be written by an independent leading analyst and will contain a review of the efficacy of the investment proposition relative to others in the market, while also identifying key factors that will impact upon the successful outcome of the investment. Overall the Gold Tier report is designed to provide investors and advisers with high quality research to allow them to make informed decisions with greater confidence and reassurance.

Tax efficient investments


The majority of our investment opportunities are eligible for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) or Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Most qualifying investments in early stage venture capital utilise these schemes.

Investors receive tax relief on their initial investment and may qualify for additional tax relief if the company that they have invested in fails. We work with businesses to ensure qualification for these schemes and gain HMRC Advance Assurance of this prior to launching an investment round. Full details can be found here.