February Pitch Event videos

Thank you very much to everyone who came along on the 1st February for the first of our GrowthInvest Pitch Events in 2018. We have had great feedback from investors, advisers and those who were pitching: we even had magic. We really do hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

For those of you who couldn’t make it – fear not – we have all the individual pitch videos up and available below. Please review these, and let us know your feedback on each one. You will also, of course, find further information and a whole host of other documents on each individual investment’s dedicated page.

As always, to make an investment, set up a follow-up call or meeting with the businesses, please do not hesitate to contact us: through the platform, by phone on 020 7071 3945, or on email enquiries@growthinvest.com.

Please Note: The videos on this page are not financial promotions and are communicated by the representatives of the EIS businesses and not GrowthInvest. GrowthInvest is not responsible for the content or its accuracy. Before you seek to invest, you should carry out your own due diligence where necessary. These videos do not constitute advice or any recommendation.

A discretionary EIS & SEIS investment management service leveraging the experience and expertise of our investment team to select a diversified portfolio of the most promising companies that have passed through the GrowthInvest due diligence process. It is noted that both GrowthInvest and Sapphire Capital Partners LLP (the fund manager) have a material interest in this fund.

Krzana is a cloud based real-time search engine that surfaces actionable breaking information and is able to intelligently search over 10,000 sources (inc: Twitter, Reddit, The FT, Zero Hedge, RSS feeds, Blogs etc), combining advanced algorithmic processing with human insights.

Recyclabox machines are the UK’s first self-service kiosk for selling unwanted electronics, designed to take the hassle out of selling. They aim to be the only self-service machine that allows consumers to conveniently sell their unwanted electronics.

Hutch & Alex Wright established Dorset County Distilling Co’s concept in 2015 and over years have carried out research, distillers courses, and more to fine-tune the concept. Located on a farm nestled in a picturesque North Dorset valley, the distillery will use German technology, be environmentally responsible & source suppliers locally to produce premium brands of unique flavoured Dorset malt and rye whisky, gin, rum, vodka and eau de vies.

eXroid provides treatments for internal haemorrhoids. We had provided more than 2,500 treatments over 3 1/2 years and were conducting a profitable business with turnover exceeding £100,000 per month until September 2016, when the equipment we were using was recalled. We are raising funds to develop our own equipment and to resume our fast growing treatment business.

Targeting a return of £1.68 per £1 subscribed, this is an opportunity to invest in the production of a television series showcasing the talents of magician Richard Essien (Magical Bones), taking magic to new levels by incorporating hip-hop music and dance to a live street-level audience. Our objective is to create a groundbreaking 6 part TV series known as the world’s best magic show, where the IP created is retained by shareholders.