Over the past three years Adviser Hour has been watched by over a thousand advisers and won several awards for its effective communications and education.  It has been bringing tax efficient and alternative products to a wider audience of advisers than ever before.

Then came the pandemic, and it was clear that the in-person interviews and professional studio panel discussions that typified the Adviser Hour webinar series would need to be put on hold.  Every company looked to online webinars, and even firms that had never previously used Zoom, GotoMeeting or Teams, were forced to do so.   The phrase ‘zoomed out’ pointed towards a coming saturation point. And yet advisers still need and want to find out more about tax efficient and alternative products, and webinars and interviews are a great way of doing so, and we truly believe that we can help educate and broaden the market in the UK.

Against this backdrop it is essential that Adviser Hour evolves and moves on if it is to continue to meet needs and interests of advisers.

What do advisers want?

 The starting point was to talk to a range of advisers, to ask them what they liked, and what they would want to see in the future. The answers were revealing and helpful.

First of all, the programme was liked because it enabled the sharing of different views, in one place. It was not just a product promotion. There is a genuine look at relevant issues and the debates bring out different points of view. It is also a way in which advisers can be introduced to companies they have not met before and learn what they can offer.

For other advisers, it is used as a valuable refresher for products they only use occasionally. Interest in tax products is growing. Interest in VCTs is growing as a source of tax-free income, to supplement traditional pensions. Estate planning is on the up as property and other asset values grow. And EIS is increasingly showing highly attractive returns as the industry matures.

So, we are getting a lot of things right, but what about the future?

Developing Adviser Hour

 The valuable insights we received from advisers mean that we are now looking at the following:

  • We will plan further ahead, and issue programmes well in advance. Although Adviser Hour can be watched on demand as well as live, there is still a preference for advisers to be able to plan ahead for what they listen to. It will also help advisers to plan what they do through the tax year.
  • There is hugely strong interest in ESG and sustainable products. Some people are calling this the megatrend of the decade! Yet there is still confusion in what is underlying the products, and will it meet the requirements of discerning investors.

We are planning to provide clarity and leadership in this important space, so that advisers can offer tax based and alternative products with confidence.

  • Tax products are likely to become more valuable than ever as taxes rise…which they must. As a result there is considerable interest in training and education in tax products. Watch this space!
  • There is interest in other tax based or alternative products. To provide investment diversification, including infrastructure and private equity funds. There will be further annoucements on these areas over the next few months
  • There is a demand for informed and expert comment on both topical news and industry developments. Our aim is to continue to bring this to you.
  • CPD – whilst not a major driver, some advisers mentioned they would like the Adviser Hour to be CPD qualifying. That is not a problem in itself as it already is! However, there is clearly a need for better communication and promotion of its CPD qualifying status.

An ongoing dialogue

The evolution of Adviser Hour doesn’t stop here. We are continuing to talk to advisers, to find out what really interests them. We will respond to key trends as they happen. So if you would like to contribute to this evolution, we would be delighted to hear from you. To get your views heard, please contact marketing@growthinvest.com or call Sinead Mullan on 020 7071 3945.



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