PK Wealth adds ISA Transfer to its Diversified IHT Portfolio Product Offering

The PK Wealth IHT Portfolio service, exclusively available via the GrowthInvest platform, offers advisers and their clients combined exposure to Alternative Investment Market (AIM) & Asset Backed (AB) investments, incorporating a range of different Portfolio Managers with different investment strategies, and has now made available a range of ISA options to advised clients.

Pk Wealth can now offer a combined diversified AIM ISA IHT product, allowing clients to diversify their ISA portfolios across 4 managers, including Fundamental, Unicorn and Canaccord, with others expected to be available later in the year.  A full ISA transfer service is available, which allows advisers to consolidate any existing ISA holdings from potentially low-performing investment Stocks and Share or cash ISAs, and migrate them into an IHT-efficient, diversified AIM portfolio.    The entire process and resultant portfolios can be tracked and reported on the GrowthInvest platform, which provides a centralised administration and reporting service to advisers and their clients.

The ISA Service can be used in combination with non-ISA Asset Backed Investments within the same portfolio, and is the result of PK Wealth working with financial advisers to deliver an IHT strategy aligned with client financial planning objectives.

Michael Usher, Chief Investment Officer, at PK Wealth Ltd commented:

“We are delighted to broaden the available options for advisers and their clients, and the ability to offer flexibility and discretionary management across multiple managers within an ISA wrapper is an excellent additional choice for Advisers to consider for their clients”

Steve Dobson, Head of Investments at GrowthInvest, added

“There is a huge amount of client money sitting out there in cash and low performing ISA accounts.  We have worked with PK Wealth to bring a different option to the market, one in which advisers can quickly move those assets into a combined ISA wrapper, have a diversified AIM portfolio, managed by some of the country’s leading fund managers, whilst considering the future Inheritance Tax liabilities of their clients”


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