This private investment matchmaker looks at the toll 2020 has taken on early stage businesses and what this bodes for the next generation of growth businesses. It’s been a tough year but deals are flowing.

We asked Oliver Woolley, CEO of Envestors to explain why high net worth individuals and those with large savings should be putting their money into growth businesses, when many of them have done anything but this year and are facing an agonising exit from the UK’s largest trading partner. Obviously there has been a shift in search for returns because of low/negative interest rates at the same time as a creeping aversion to riskier investing. It is a conundrum, but Woolley provides plenty of data for the year on UK private investment and where capital is flowing. He also assesses the effects of governmment business schemes, such as the Future Fund, and whether the Treasury’s response to the pandemic has helped UK entrepreneurs. The editors are pleased to share this contribution and invite readers to jump in.

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