GrowthInvest Adviser Hour Q1 2023 – VCT: What to expect after a record breaking 2021/22 tax year raise

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The record-breaking 21/22 VCT season saw investment break through the £1Bn mark for the first time.  The landscape has changed in other ways, with the most popular VCTs filling up in days.  What will be the final reckoning in the 22/23 season? Is there a big How can advisers ensure that their clients get in their preferred VCTs? Will the forthcoming changes to taxes make VCTs even more popular?

Topics for the Q1 Episode will include:

  • Predictions for the rest of the year?
  • Impact of additional taxes from next year onwards?
  • Making the right investments in the current market?
  • What advisers should look for in a VCT manager
  • Which clients should be looking at VCTs
  • Outlook for dividend yields

Alongside long-standing topics such as:

  • Fee Transparency
  • Liquidity
  • Diversification & Risk

We ask a panel of industry experts these key questions and more.

Hosted by our new host Catherine McQueen, the Q1 2023 VCT Series features a star line-up of both old and new leading industry figures and commentators featuring guests representing a mixture of established and most popular VCT providers, alongside relative newcomers in the market. This episode includes guests from Octopus Investments, Foresight Group and Guinness Asset Management Limited.

As well as an in-depth exploration of market trends and analysis, we will also be asking the panel a series of questions from Advisers, in our new Adviser Clinic section.

Tune in at 10am on Thursday 2nd February and find out the latest on key industry trends, opportunities, and challenges, and what it looks like to be an adviser at the forefront of tax efficient investments in 2023.


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