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Inheritance Tax Portfolios can help reduce or even eliminate inheritance tax, allowing you to pass on more of your wealth to friends & family. Investing in assets that qualify for Business Property Relief (BR) is a key way to help protect your wealth from inheritance tax and benefit from tax-free growth and Income, whilst retaining ownership of your investment. IHT exemption status is granted after holding the relevant asset for two years.

BPR was originally introduced and created to allow businesses to be passed down to the next generation without facing a large inheritance tax bill. Over the last few decades, BPR has been used as an expansion of the same basis to provide a tax relief that encourages investors to invest in real businesses, whether or not they run the businesses themselves. These can be either unlisted or listed on the AIM markets.

Tax Benefits

The benefits of investing into an IHT qualifying company include:
  • Reduce Tax

    By Investing in BPR-qualifying companies you can benefit from up to 100% IHT relief

  • Time to Qualify

    Investments are exempt from IHT after being held for 2 years

  • Simple & Straightforward

    Buying shares in IHT Portfolios is relatively simple

  • Liquidity

    IHT portfolios allow individuals to access their investments and make withdrawals

  • Growth

    There is the potential for your investment to grow a pay dividends

  • Expertise & Experience

    Managed by expert teams

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Qualifying Criteria

By buying shares in qualifying companies shares can be passed on IHT free If:
  • The shares are held for at least two years and are still held on death
  • The company still qualifies for BPR at the time of the investor’s death
  • There is no upper or lower limit, though many managers have their own minimum investments
Qualifying Companies:
  • Only unquoted (privately owned) companies qualify, or those listed on the AIM Market
  • The company must be actively trading.

Open Opportunities

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Further Information

Further information on IHT can be found on the HMRC website, and on Business Property Relief by clicking here

Please note that IHT products are generally higher risk investments and are not suitable for everyone. If you have any questions about IHT planning, we recommend that you consult a qualified Financial Adviser.