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CHF‘s new suite of shows and concepts are produced in the UK by a highly talented creative team. CHF fully support the Government’s Creative Sector Tax Credits and use of the EIS and the SEIS to fund and monetise new animation productions and concepts through broadcast, digital and organic media. The CHF Media Fund may invest in companies which individually own the intellectual property rights to a new family entertainment concept or show, either originated or developed by CHF. The capital raised will be used to develop, produce and monetise the shows or concepts.

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CHF Enterprises Limited, 2 Hurle Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2SY

0845 512 1000


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  • CHF Enterprises is delighted to announce the launch of the pre-school animated show “Daisy & Ollie” featuring Jason Manford “Daisy & Ollie”, read more


Head Office
25 Copthall Ave, 4th Floor,
London EC2R 7BP

Sales and Distribution LGBR Capital
Candlewick House, 4th Floor,
120 Cannon Street, London EC4N 6AS

020 7071 3945