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Our strategy The film and media industry is evolving fast. There are new media and new opportunities emerging all the time. We want to take advantage of these, but our focus remains on delivering value and profit for our investors. That is why we develop films for core audiences where there is a known demand. We also look to leverage the value of these films across all media. The other important feature of our strategy is that we will always partner with people that we regard as the best in the industry to give us the right distribution and contacts, a wide geographical spread, and specialist expertise where it is needed. Our people •The film industry is a people business. •There is no substitute for experience. •The experience of knowing every aspect of the film value chain. •The experience of knowing what is most likely to create value and profit. •The experience of knowing which people in the industry will make the best partners, because they deliver time after time. That is why our people are so important. And we involve all of them before we give the ‘green light’ to take on a new project. The team at Iron Box Capital provides specialist knowledge and a detailed understanding of every aspect of independent film, from production and finance through to successful commercial exploitation." Click here to view the Particle 1 by Iron Box Capital EIS Fund.

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