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Kin Capital

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Kin Capital is an independent firm operating in the tax-efficient investment industry, providing fundraising, fund management and custodial services. Kin represent EIS, VCT, SEIS and SITR funds, which are all government approved venture capital schemes. Our team have over 38 years’ experience working with the top funds in the tax efficient space including Albion, Amati, Baronsmead, Blackfinch, Calculus Capital, Great Point Media, MMC Ventures, and Oxford Capital to name a few. We are passionate about alignment of interests and working with our stakeholders in a fair and transparent way.

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Winchester House, 259-269 Old Marylebone Rd, London, NW1 5RA

0203 743 3100


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  • Advisers looking to place their clients into EIS funds as a way of tax mitigation should ensure they choose a provider capable of investing the cash quickly, ac read more


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25 Copthall Ave, 4th Floor,
London EC2R 7BP

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Candlewick House, 4th Floor,
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