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Velocity is a multi-sector, multi-fund business focusing on innovative commercial ideas with fund vehicles crossing the financial spectrum; from SEIS to EIS to Venture Capital/Angel funding. Velocity has been tailored from a diverse but complementary range of entrepreneurs, with the express ambition of capitalising on the market potential for large-scale consumer-facing technological innovation. Each team member has a successful entrepreneurial background within consumer-led businesses and fund management. Velocity is supported by a panel of world-class industry experts for an across-the-board offering, for both the innovations Velocity pursues and for the investor looking for interesting and innovative tax-efficient investments – investments they can be proud of.

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47 Park Lane, Mayfair, London, W1K 1PR


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  • We are delighted to announce Velocity SEIS Consumer Technology Fund achieved a 6.6x return on a partial exit in respect of one of its holdings in May 2017 withi read more


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