There are different types of risks involved with tax-efficient investments, along with liquidity across different products – which is why these schemes offer a generous tax relief as compensation. One way to manage the risky nature of these investments is through diversification into funds and portfolios which here, the panel discuss in detail. As part of a diverse portfolio, if some investments fail altogether, it does not need to be as concerning as it may initially sound, and we will cover off the ways of cushioning the blow. Every investment should be subject to careful due diligence, and we will look at how much of this responsibility sits with the adviser, and how independent research can come into play.

Our host Lawrence Gosling talks on “Better Understanding of the Risks” to:

  • Brian Moretta, Head of Tax Enhanced Products at Hardman and Co.
  • James Faulkner, Senior Manager at Oxford Capital
  • Kealan Doyle, CEO of Symvan Capital
  • Tony Catt of TC Compliance Services 



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