About the Company

No Added Salt have been founded on the basis of providing quality good meals for children aged 1-11 years old. The businesses main USP is to provide naturally balanced frozen meals for all children reflecting their core value of providing quality products. Their main starting ranges cover ages 1-4 and 5-11 years old. No Added Salt came through the GrowthInvest in need of investment of £100,000 within 2 weeks in order to secure their deal with supermarket giant Tesco.

Deal Highlights

  • Funded within 2 weeks.

  • Secured a deal with Tesco and their products can now be found on the shelves in this supermarket.

  • Pitched to a number of City Trading Floors.

Investment Terms

Investment: £153,750

Number of Investors: 6

Date Funded: September 2012

Equity Offered: 29.08%

Sector: Food

Location: London

Meet the Team

Donna Tresadern

Donna Tresadern
Managing Director

Donna is the mastermind behind the launch of No Added Salt, she has ensured that our little ones approve of the flavours in our food and has spent months driving around with samples to make sure each dish is as taste perfect as possible.

Kay Shearing

Kay Shearing
Head of Product Development

Kay is the genius behind our dishes, she has taken almost two years to research what’s best for our little kiddies and get those ingredients into her recipes. She has blended her own combination of herbs and spices to achieve her incredible flavours and is working all the time to invent more flavours and dishes. Kay has 24 more dishes in various stages ready for our little ones, each one more inventive and tastier than the last.



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