October Pitch Event Videos

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Thanks very much indeed to everyone who came along on the 18th October for the first of a new series of GrowthInvest Pitch Events. We have had great feedback from investors, advisers and the 6 excellent businesses who were pitching last night: we do hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

For those of you who couldn’t make it – fear not – we have all the individual pitch videos up and available on GrowthInvest.com. Please review these below, and let us know your feedback on each one. You will also of course find further information and a whole host of other documents on each individual investment’s dedicated page.

As always, to make an investment, set up a follow-up call or meeting with the businesses, please do not hesitate to contact us: through the platform, by phone on 020 7071 3945, or on email enquiries@growthinvest.com.

Please Note: The videos on this page are not financial promotions and are communicated by the representatives of the EIS businesses and not GrowthInvest.  GrowthInvest is not responsible for the content or its accuracy. Before you seek to invest, you should carry out your own due diligence where necessary. These videos do not constitute advice or any recommendation.

International Ambulances Limited was formed in October 2016 by Phil Bevan to commercialise his revolutionary new ambulance design, the “ACESO”. Bevan Davidson International, a technology design and development company led by Phil, has been engaged to develop a concept prototype using the extensive experience they have gained in vehicle concept design and development.

Veloscient is a mobile app that eliminates keyboards for clinical note taking, liberating hours each day and potentially unlocking a $60 billion market. Its mobile app is configured through its UI breakthrough which allows the capture of narrative and logic – what takes many minutes of typing can be compiled in seconds using any device’s touchscreen.

Krzana is able to intelligently search over 60,000 sources, combining advanced algorithmic processing with human insights. Alongside their activity within financial services, Krzana is now gaining traction in the News/Broadcasting space having provided exclusive coverage of the UK election.

You are invited into the unique world that is “Daley Thompson” innovative sports products that challenge all that is ordinary. DT10 will commercialise a range of food and drink products for millions of potential consumers who actively participate in a diverse range of sports, exercise and fitness activities.

Zingy Life is the nutrition app for committed sportspeople who want to ‘eat better to perform better’. The company is driven by two guiding principles, relentless pursuit of sophistication combined with rigorous adherence to evidence-based science.

Barry McGuigan MBE’s Boxing Advantage Company is described as ‘the first of its kind’ (Source: GBI Magazine), offering a pioneering concept representing developing boxers across weight-classes. The company will scout, train, mentor and develop the best young talent it can find and promote its boxers to maximise sponsorship and advertising revenues.