We hold regular live pitching events where some of the latest businesses listed on our platform have the chance to present in front of our investors and intermediaries. The events are held in Central London, the format is usually 5 short pitches followed by investor questions. Thereafter there are drinks and networking for the rest of the evening. We ask the investors to provide immediate feedback on the night, this is then relayed directly to the businesses on the evening.

For those unable to attend these events, we provide videos as you will find below. These are available to registered users only. Also please do leave your feedback, it helps all concerned.

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NOTE: The videos on this page are not financial promotions and are communicated by the representatives of the EIS businesses and not GrowthInvest. GrowthInvest is not responsible for the content or its accuracy. Before you seek to invest, you should carry out your own due diligence where necessary. These videos do not constitute advice or any recommendation.

Social Value Portal provides an online solution for measuring, managing and reporting social value as required under the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, which now requires all public service organisations to ‘consider’ social value when awarding services contracts. They sell to both public and private sector clients providing a solution that bridges the gap; helping public sector meet their obligations and private organisations bid for work.

Grocery Accelerator presents an opportunity to invest in 6-8 food and drink start-ups selected for their potential to grow into multi-£m brands. Money is invested evenly across all 6 winning businesses under SEIS and at a lower valuation for the remaining runners up. Each business will participate on an intense 6-month industry support programme. This is now our 3rd such programme.

RecyclaBox is a self-service machine that allows consumers to conveniently sell their unwanted electronics. After attaining proof of concept through 8 months trading in 3 Sainsbury’s superstores, RecyclaBox is ready to execute the next stage. They have created a service that extracts the re-sale value of household items, provides convenient re-selling and most importantly has the opportunity for international scalability.

Joyner Bolt is the patented, revolutionary spiked timber fixing that offers a disruptive, time and cost saving solution to the problems of traditional coach bolts. Joyner Bolt aims to be the first fixing product to enable performance to specification first time, every time and will provide tangible and practical benefits for everyone throughout the building chain from architects to tradesman.

GivePenny is a fundraising platform that encourages people to connect the data they generate every day through apps and websites to fundraising challenges. The website allows people to donate in a number of ways: traditional one-off donations, Per X pledges or against user-defined “milestones”.

Peratech provides a solution to the currently unmet need of direct-force sensing in electronic products. Apple’s recent launch of force touch solutions has led to unprecedented levels of opportunities for Peratech, as consumer electronics companies race to introduce a solution. Peratech’s proprietary IP is easily implemented through the sale of customised sensors. Peratech aims to win a portion of the estimated 33B global force-touch market.

Bristowhouse are a film, T.V. and documentary production company that own and are developing a portfolio of titles including Used Books, They Hide in The Dark with a number of books ready to be ‘green lit’ for T.V. Focusing on quality of subject matter and commercial viability within a work environment which encourages creativity , productivity and reality.

SoleTrader.com – a world leading DIFM “do it for me” website platform – building websites for people in a 15 minute telephone call. SoleTrader.com instantly removes the hassle, time and confusion of a self-build platform (1&1, Go Daddy, Wix) or the expense of using a high street web developer.

The Bottle Shop was founded in 2010 as a shop/bar offering high-quality beer to Canterbury, Kent and later established a distribution warehouse in Druid Street, Bermondsey in 2014. The warehouse turns into a bar on Saturdays in the heart of the ‘Bermondsey beer mile’. The Business is now looking to expand operations via the direct opening of new shops, licensing, and by increasing its wholesale distribution network.

We are on a mission to reinvent bricks & mortar retail; aiming to put the digital high street at everyone’s fingertips. PocketHighStreet is beleived to be the 1st Open Platform for the Digital High Street. We integrate with EPOS systems, collecting real-time product inventory data from bricks and mortar shops.

Football INDEX is the World’s First Football Stockmarket where players can buy, sell & trade the worlds top players with real money. We are creating a tradeable market in football by selling bets that are subsequently tradeable on their platform. By selling these bets the company creates very significant revenue at a far higher margin than is traditional in online gambling. It will be followed by a celebrity stockmarket – Fame Index.

Bo66y is a feature length film that marks the 50th anniversary of England’s victory in the 1966 World Cup and uncovers the truth behind the man who led them to it. Bobby Moore, Englands’s greatest Capitan, fought many more battles than millions witnessed on the football field. The film reveals the true, remarkable story of the man who has yet to be properly honoured by his country.

Glaze Alarm

The GlazeAlarm® is a wireless enabled sensor, built into a double glazed unit at the point of manufacture. The product monitors the glazed unit and notifies the user of a breakage of the glass, whilst collecting further data on the status of the window. The supporting GlazeAlarm® security suite enables remote security management via handheld smart device.

The sensor is Internet of Things enabled and capable of communicating with Google/Nest and Apple HomeKit. The GlazeAlarm® is the first and only smart monitoring sensor which is wire free and installed with no impact on the glazing process. The company is currently working on integration with the worlds largest glass and glazing producers.

The Secret Police

The Secret Police is a mobile games studio focusing on making games that bring the mechanics of hit Japanese free-to-play games to the West. They are focused on making ‘Games as Hobbies’ by creating games which will engage the customers for months or even years. With the founders industry experience of building, selling and taking game companies to IPO, they plan on utilising big data mining and machine learning to create continually self-tuning games.

This development methodology will allow them to target players around the world with games tailored to their aesthetic and cultural preferences, creating truly global hits.

Cellar Rats

Cellar Rats is a television series which is targeted to a worldwide audience. Each programme will showcase wine makers and the wine they make. We will meet the real characters behind the wine who are full of life, love what they do and are passionate about the wines they make.

Cellar Rats aims to be entertaining and informative, but more importantly an antidote to the stuffiness that accompanies many programmes exploring wine and wine making.


evvnt offers simple, cost-effective and powerful digital marketing for events. By using their online marketplace, event organisers can publish their events on up to 60 event listings websites and apps automatically.

The evvnt software application interfaces with listings websites in more than thirty different niches, such as comedy, music, festivals, classes, courses, business conferences, exhibitions and more . Evvnt aims to help customers reach more prospects, sell more tickets, boost search engine position, save time and save money. Customers receive a detailed online report and management dashboard from which they can work out their ROI.

evvnt has already submitted over 1,500,000 event listings, created over 1,000,000 live links, generating 1.5 million clicks to ticketing and registration pages.


Bekumo is a service which enables business owners to offer their employees a range of business applications, such as a chat client, location tagging, expenses, data storage, that can be accessed through their own personal devices (IPhone, IPad, Android or Windows). The Enterprise Applications are managed from a central admin console which allows the business owner to distribute and monitor employees’ access and use of the system and applications.

Bekumo delivers a flexible working solution for the employees as well as delivering a cost-saving to the business owner as a result of not needing to provide employees with mobile devices. The platform collects all usage statistics and can wipe all data from a lost or stolen device providing a secure pipe to Enterprise’s data.


PixelPin is a web security and authentication tool recently winning the latest BT Infinity Lab competition (23 December 2014).

PixelPin’s solution uses a photo instead of a PIN or password to login. Users select 4 points on a preselected image. PixelPin provides a secure, user friendly and personalised visual authentication solution that aims to strengthen user engagement and brand loyalty, whilst ensuring a higher level of security than traditional alphanumeric passwords.

It’s a cloud-based solution that is cost effective, easy to deploy and works across all devices. It works on any device using a touch screen or mouse and can be used to login to any application or system. The service interacts with iOS or Android SDKs that can be integrated into businesses Apps, or as a plugin on the web. PixelPin has already been through a successful SEIS crowdfunding raise in 2013.


Roispresso seeks to redefine tea culture, with the introduction of a range of teas to be served through a coffee house experience.

The Roispresso range of teas is based on a South African Rooibos tea. Rooibos tea is considered a nutritional health supplement containing minerals, vitamins and antioxidants providing a healthy alternative to coffee (organicfacts.net). Roispresso aim to sell the range of teas to existing coffee houses, hotels, restaurants and other outlets who sell a coffee range.
The product is created through a traditional coffee machine with the aid of a Roispresso handle which changes the brewing process to suit tea, and create a foam on top of the tea.

Trials have already begun in hotels and restaurants in London, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Great Expectations(Jagwitch Ltd)

Following the critically acclaimed UK Tour and West End transfer, Beckman Unicorn proposes to present the Broadway Première of Jo Clifford’s ‘gothic wonder’ stage play adaptation of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens for an open-ended run on Broadway in New York.

Great Expectations has never been produced on Broadway as a full length play since its original publication, with Broadway theatres being widely considered to represent the highest level of commercial theatre in the English-speaking world. Great Expectations aims to attract audiences through the internationally recognisable title along with the gothic style and design.
The play has been described as ‘A striking piece of theatre… potently evocative…a dreamlike quality’ (Charles Spencer, 7 Februari 2013, telegraph).

Recyclabook Ltd. (Recyclabox)

Recyclabook completed an initial seed round with GrowthInvest in 2013 and have built an established business business in the buy-back market for books. They have now developed their new product, the RecyclaBox, designed to apply their technology across new product lines. The RecyclaBox is the only interactive drop-off box in the UK which allows consumers to sell their unwanted phones, tablets, games and DVDs in minutes. The boxes are being trialled at a number of Sainsbury’s. A successful trial would lead to a contracted roll out across the UK.

Booksellerate Ltd.

Booksellerate is a digital platform that helps book publishers to increase sales. It aims to extend online sales reach, improving discoverability and enhancing reader engagement. The platform aims to streamline and automates the entire sales, marketing, print, stock, fulfilment and distribution process for UK-based publishers. Booksellerate aims to save publishers money and resources by removing complexity, and provide them with an effective direct sales and marketing channel to their customers.