The Autumn Adviser Hour Q3 2022: IHT In Focus is now available on demand:

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Inheritance tax planning can be the cornerstone of many of the financial planning solutions which advisers put in place. But with so many options for clients out there, how can advisers best analyse and select the right fund or combination of funds for themselves and make sure underlying investment schemes deliver what investors expect.

Topics for the Autumn Episode will include:

  • Asset backed or AIM
  • Inter-generational planning
  • Private company valuations
  • Volatility of AIM portfolios, and the downturn in the AIM market
  • What advisers should look for in a manager
  • What impact on client’s existing portfolios
  • Liquidity

Anchored by our new host Catherine McQueen, the Q3 2022 IHT episode features a star line-up of leading industry figures and commentators, with guests representing a mixture of established and popular IHT providers across both asset backed and AIM, as well as a DFM diversified offering. This episode includes guests from Downing, Fundamental Asset Management, PK Wealth and TIME Investments.

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