This year is exciting for many reasons, and not just because it is not 2020. 2021 marks the first year of a decade that will need to deliver significant social and environmental changes if the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals are to be achieved. People are starting to think meaningfully about returns on investment in terms of both financial gain, as well as environmental and social gain.

We can see this clearly on an institutional level: the Government has announced it will launch its first green savings bonds and a new green infrastructure bank, corporates are falling over themselves to pledge their green intentions, retailers are trying to make their supply chains carbon neutral, or at least, less emissions heavy.

But we can also see this on a personal, individual level: people are making different decisions about where their pensions are invested, where their food comes from, and who made their clothes. Polling from the Government’s Investing in a Better World report showed more than 70 per cent of people want their own investments to achieve good “for people and the planet”.

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