Security At Heart

Security is at the heart of everything that we do.

Our core values of integrity, transparency and accountability drive our approach to ensuring that as custodians of our clients’ data, we are dedicated to keeping your account and data safe. Our security centre is here to help keep you and your data secure.

Laptop showung platform login screen

Protecting Your Data

Our own in-house platform, built to be secure by design

Industry-leading security using cloud partners to protect our infrastructure

Security tests conducted continuously with an annual external audit

Full encryption end-to-end for all data

Advanced security protecting user log in

How We Protect Your Data

We go to great lengths to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure while its in our custody and with our partners. Our platform is designed and built by our own teams, allowing us to ensure that security has been designed into every component of the platform, every step of the way. We make use of a range of technologies to protect your data:

Cloud First

Our platform takes advantage of the latest design in cloud-first software.
We have partnered with AWS to use their services to build our platform and in doing so, have been able to lean on their security and identity services, their audit and control services and all of the additional security included in each of their services. We have built our platform in keeping with the AWS Well Architected design principles specifically designed for the financial services industry.

Separation of

A common concept in the financial industry, we have applied this not only to our business processes but also to our technology design. We have four separate areas to our platform – this website, our authentication and login services which store your passwords, our core platform and our integration layer, Cascade which connects to third party service for data exchange. This allows us to design specific trust relationships between component and ensures that each area has its own rules around security.

Encryption, Security
Testing & Analysis

We use the latest in encryption technology to store and transmit data. From the moment it leaves your computer, we secure your data with in-transit and at-rest encryption every step of the way. Every line of code, every third party tool and every service we use is analysed for security issues. We use automated tools to scan our platform for known security issues and our QA team test each component meets our requirements and are protected from known attacks.

Additional Resources

Current Threats

Giant metal vault door seen from a low angle

UK NCSC publishes advice for high risk users

The UK National Cyber Security Centre has published guidance for high risk users on how to protect themselves from directed attacks. We think this provides good advice to our users who, for financial reasons, may be the subject of a targetted attack and have added our own points below.


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