In the next instalment in our series of exclusive interviews with industry experts, Melissa Griffiths, Head of Sales at GrowthInvest, provides her insight on the biggest growth opportunities and most common risks for investors, and discusses her company’s approach to investing.

1.) What tax-efficient schemes does your company work with, and how do you offer a unique/compelling approach for advisers?

GrowthInvest is an adviser-based platform, offering whole of market access across tax efficient products, from VCTs, EIS and SEIS funds to IHT products including both AIM and asset-backed. The platform allows initial research, seamless digital execution, and then the reporting and management of these investments. A consolidated view of a client’s entire alternative investment portfolio is provided in one place, giving clients, advisers and wealth managers, transparency, efficiency, and control around their alternative advice proposition.

For me, one of the key benefits of our platform which is unique, is the ability to be able to “onboard” client’s existing investments across all tax-efficient products. Once these assets are onboarded, advisers and their clients have access to portfolio reports and analysis across both new investments and legacy onboarded assets, giving reconciled, life-to-date detail of their tax efficient portfolio.

Furthermore, our innovative VCT service has been very popular. Removing the inefficiencies of paper applications, paper share certificates and dividend payments by cheque, the platform allows digital application and direct allotment into our centralised nominee service, with future dividends paid onto a client’s platform account. There is also access to the Secondary market, and our Rolling Programme of VCTs has become an interesting option for many clients as an addition to their pensions.

2.) How active are you in providing education to advisers on the types of clients that are suitable for these types of investments, as well as any changes in regulation or nuances in the existing rules?’

GrowthInvest runs an annual Adviser Hour series, which is a CPD qualifying webinar series, with detailed interviews and panel discussions on the tax efficient market, from key players in the marketplace. The platform has a wealth of on demand videos from the Adviser Hour, plus spotlight interviews from fund managers discussing their own products.

The Market Download which gives a market summary, information on all open offers in the tax efficient space, upcoming events, and market news articles from various sources, to keep Advisers and clients up to date with all changes and news flow in the marketplace.

We are also very excited to be launching a new series of podcasts, ‘Alternative Thinking’. These are designed to deliver market insights and topical discussions on the tax efficient and alternative markets, in a informal environment with industry guests.

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