Exonar, the world leading data indexing and discovery platform, has today announced that it has secured further funding from Downing Ventures, Beringea, Winton Ventures, and angel investors. The continued backing of its investors reflects building momentum as Exonar taps into the vast and growing need for enterprises to map, index, analyse and protect the data that they hold.

The digital transformation of the global economy is creating greater volumes of data than many businesses can currently manage. In 2020, the World Economic Forum estimated that the amount of data stored worldwide would reach 44 zettabytes, meaning that the volume of data in the global economy would have increased tenfold since 2013.

This growth has also been accelerated by the rise in digital adoption during the pandemic. In the UK, it is estimated that adults now spend more than a quarter of their day online, creating a vast amount of data for companies to process. As a result, many companies struggle to make sense of the deluge of data that they collect. According to research by industry analysts at Forrester, between 60-73 per cent of data collected by enterprises sits dormant.

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