GrowthInvest is delighted to be celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 as a European Launch Partner of the Moving Forward initiative. #MovingForward is an open source directory that pools diversity, inclusion and anti-harassment commitments from across the fund provider and VC industry. It marks an intentional step towards creating a work culture that is respectful, inclusive and free from discrimination or intimidation. We’re honoured to be co-launching this initiative on International Women’s Day: a day marked out to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women across the world.

While last year’s report from the World Economic Forum delivered the bleak prediction that gender parity is still over 200 years away, if we stand as businesses and individuals and commit to being change-makers together, it’s possible that we’ll see progress sooner.

As Brad Feld puts it: ‘While the hashtags vary, the common theme of International Women’s Day is action. For many organizations, the goal is for these initiatives to launch on March 8th but continue throughout the year and beyond. At a minimum, IWD and the organizations and individuals celebrating it will spark action, continue existing conversations, and force new ones’.

We’re excited to be sparking action this International Women’s Day — and yet, it’s about more than gender parity alone.

Diversity in its fullest sense looks like people from all races, genders, backgrounds, ages, stages, and personalities joining together to create a sum greater than its parts; free to bring their unique set of gifts and skills to the table.

Rob Hayes from First Round Capital says: ‘What we’ve seen time and again is that diversity and inclusion are core to the strongest communities on the planet. When people bring different backgrounds, experiences, attitudes and approaches to common forums, good things happen’.

Whether it’s race, gender, background, age, status or skills — when we are at our most diverse, we’re at our best. We are proud and delighted to be a #MovingForward European Launch Partner this International Women’s Day, as just one of many past and future steps we are taking to build a workplace culture that enables people to flourish.

More information

If you’re keen to get involved with #MovingForward or are interested in creating a policy for your own workplace, there are several helpful resources to get started.

In particular: the NVCA’s recently released anti-harassment and discrimination policies, as well as their best practices and code of conduct are available here.

Why #MovingForward?

  • Value for Firms: VCs say the process of making their policies public and establishing reporting lines has sparked conversations and aligned the firm’s partnership internally around this matter. We hope this movement further motivates that process.
  • Value for Founders: #MovingForward strives to make it easier for founders to review policies, find supportive investors, and identify a reporting contact.

More information about #MovingForward is available here.



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