There is a lot of money going into sustainable assets these days – at the last count, more than $30.3trn (£23.79trn) is now invested globally.

For sustainable investors, the ability to invest internationally brings benefits identical in concept to those faced by all investors, even those without a sustainable focus.

Gaining access to a greater breadth of potential geographies and industries improves portfolio diversification.

Importantly, it also allows for the underlying companies to access a larger pool of external capital so they can develop what may be world-beating advances in their respective industries.

Whether technology, engineering, healthcare, agriculture or any number of positive investment themes, growing sustainable businesses can be more effective if barriers such as geographic boundaries are ignored.

Fundamentally, as sustainable investing becomes the norm, companies around the world will have to embrace sustainability, and asset owners and managers can speed up this transition by thinking globally.

Alongside this, there are regulatory developments in sustainable investing around the globe, which means there are many considerations for advisers that are developing global, sustainable portfolios.

More scrutiny and higher standards

Here in the UK, the FCA released its final Policy Statement on the Sustainability Disclosure Requirements in late 2023.

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