Introducing GlazeAlarm® – an EIS Approved Investment


We are delighted to introduce you to a new EIS Investment opportunity with GlazeAlarm. Apply by 31st July 2017, £10K minimum investment. Under EIS 2017/18.

GlazeAlarm is a disruptive Internet of Things (IoT) home automation security product on a mission to disrupt the residential security market.

Installed within a double-glazed unit (DGU) during manufacture, the product notifies the user immediately upon a breakage of the glass, via an app on their chosen smart device, crucially alerting the user before an intruder enters their property.

Unlike other companies starting out in the home automation space, GlazeAlarm is at a highly mature stage of its development cycle.

GlazeAlarm offers investors an exciting opportunity to invest in an IoT consumer electronics security product just prior to first sales.


The funding journey so far: from prototype to app development



Following the first fundraise in 2013, GlazeAlarm produced and ‘soft launched’ its prototype at Glasstec in late 2014. Full production alarms were then launched at Glasstec 2016, which garnered significant interest from global players. The company is now looking to raise £500,000 to take the full suite of products into production, to extend the IP protection and take the company to first sales and profitability shortly thereafter.

GlazeAlarm is of great interest to double glazing manufacturers who will be able to compete in the security space for the first time, whilst also allowing them to monitor unit breakages prior to install and analyse their long-term performance once in situ.

Capable of integrating with most existing home security systems or as a stand-alone security solution, GlazeAlarm delivers a wealth of analytics (stress, temperature, humidity) that will be hugely valuable not only to the glazing industry, but also to IoT and home automation platform vendors.


Current customer engagement and potential future valuation


GlazeAlarm has an addressable market worth hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide. In the last two years alone, the company has engaged significant interest from some of the largest industry players, such as those shown below. A distribution agreement with just a couple of such companies would vastly and quickly increase GlazeAlaram’s value.


Funding required for final development, global patents and worldwide distribution


Funding will enable final development of the product suite; tooling for manufacture; continued IP protection in Europe and 9 other countries via PCT; and setting up of the legal and contractual framework for a global distribution network.


Interested in learning more about this exciting investment?



Detailed information about GlazeAlarm can be found at growthinvest.com. To discuss the fund, please email us. Ready to invest? Apply here.



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