Pathion; an Advanced Energy Storage System company from Los Gatos, California is looking to disrupt the energy storage market in innovative product and service dimensions.

Pathion’s advanced technologies and services deliver safe, affordable, and smart energy systems with optimal energy savings, control, and independence.

The company set out to store energy by using separable technologies to enhance the energy storage process and can be used either in solidity to enhance a current system or more optimally combined as a whole efficient system. The energy storage systems range from 86kWh to 1 Megawatt and beyond and are designed to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, microgrid and utility customers delivering renewables performance optimization, operating cost reductions and revenue generation in a single system.

Pathion has already received $11M of investment – some of which is that of directors and management. Pathion is looking tor raise another £4M in an equity offering of 9%.

Pathion are now live on the GrowthInvest Platform and are open to investment. Click here to find out more.



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