A new year brings new opportunities, especially for the investment market. As we kickstart 2023, we can reflect on the challenges faced and overcome by private investors in the midst of an uncertain macroeconomic environment.

Over the last year, we’ve seen investors search far and wide for good investment opportunities, especially with rising inflation.

Some have turned to unproven, risky asset classes (e.g. cryptocurrency), whereas others avoided such volatility through longer-term investing, and some chose to hold cash and wait.

This year, the main trends will feature ongoing attempts to beat inflation and counter other financial challenges.

Here are a few things that could influence 2023’s investment landscape.

The age of the new LP

In 2023, we will see increased demand for venture capital from a wider range of LP profiles, likely leading to greater access to the asset class, as funds open up and investment platforms look to bridge this divide.

There is also rising investor demand around ESG.

VC funds are already paying attention to how their portfolio impacts ESG, but most are yet to consider factors within their LP base, such as gender and socioeconomic diversity.

Over the last few years, we have all been looking at where the money is going; in 2023, we will increasingly look at where it has come from.

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