One of the key messages that emerged from COP 26 was that we will only live sustainably in the future if everyone plays their part. That means every government, company and individual. And the starting point is today. We can only change from where we are. At Arie Capital, ever since we were founded in 2016, our aim has always been to invest in companies that are aiming to do good and solve real world problems. That hasn’t changed, but we want to do more.

Introducing ESGgen

That is why we have teamed up with ESGgen.  They calculate a company’s impact based on 8 Environmental (e.g. CO2 emissions, water usage), 15 Social (e.g. employee diversity, gender pay gap) and 6 Governance (e.g. independent directors) measures, and monitors progress over time. The results are Audited by professional accountants (just like financial accounts) so investors can have confidence in the results.

It is a process that we are applying to all our EIS portfolio companies, so that we know that they are driving change. We will be reporting on their progress to our investors, financial advisors and business partners. As regulations tighten to mitigate greenwashing ESGgen helps us gather the data we need for future reporting

It means that with ARIE Capital you can invest in our EIS Technology Fund, confident in the knowledge that your investment is being deployed responsibly and sustainably.



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