GBI & IFA Magazine’s weekly question series polls the past week focused once again on a diverse range of influential topics being widely discussed within the financial services industry, our recent poll series focused on what our readers views are on factors surrounding ISAs, EIS and VCT, whether advisers and clients understanding of tax efficent investments are sufficient, and whether or not clients understanding of the risks surrounding EIS/VCT/BR is sufficient. We have since gained the results of the questions which can be seen below in full:

1) Would you agree that the ISA regime is too complex?

100% of the participants voted that they do not in fact agree that the ISA regime is currently too complex, the results determine that participants find the ISA regime to be on the less complex spectrum. A striking 0% voted that they agree that the regime is too complex.

2) What would you say is the more popular tax-efficient investment solution? EIS or VCT?

90% of the participants voted that they believe EIS to be the considerably more popular tax-efficient investment solution than VCT, with a lesser 10% having voted for VCT. It is clear that based on these participants views, EIS wins the popularity contest this time around.

3) Do you think adviser’s understanding of tax-efficient investments is sufficient across the industry?

Once again, 100% of participants opted that they do believe that advisers understanding of tax-efficient investments is considerably sufficient across the industry, with 0% selecting that they believe that understanding is not currently sufficient. This is a highly uplifting outcome, as apposed to advisers feeling that their understanding on tax-efficient investments is not as sufficient as they would like.

4) Do you think clients’ understanding of the risks of EIS/VCT/BR is sufficient?

All of the participants also voted that they believe clients also understand the risks of EIS/VCT/BR and have sufficient understanding of each. Once again, as with advisers understanding being voted as sufficient, participants also revealed that they feel clients have a sufficient understanding of the risks that can come with EIS/VCT/BR.

Overall, based on the feedback obtained by our readers it is clear that there is a relatively positive viewpoint and perception of tax efficient investments, and that they are not overwhelmingly complex, ensuring that advisers and clients alike can maintain a high standard of understanding of each of the investment opportunities, which ultimately benefits both the adviser and client in ensuring both parties remain satisfied.

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