From understanding the portfolio approach to the investment philosophy driven by the fourth industrial revolution, Sanjeev Gordhan, Director at Newable Ventures, talks to Peter Wilson about why he is passionate about EIS

Philosophy-led investment

Newable Ventures offers two ways of investing through EIS; firstly, the Newable Scale-Up Fund 3 and secondly, on a deal-by-deal basis. All the investments on offer, explains Sanjeev Gordhan, are connected by a strong investment philosophy, namely following a strategy in line with the expectations of the fourth industrial revolution.

This term was popularised at the World Economic Forum, and stipulates in the near future there will be a blurring of the lines between the biological, physical, and digital worlds. Sanjeev said it is this philosophy that drives the sectors which Newable invests in. The philosophy serves a purpose too. Sanjeev wants a better labour market, more equality and more sustainability.

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