VCT Fundraising Spree

Mobeus Income & Growth is the latest venture capital trust (VCT) to launch a fundraising this week but keen investors should dive in before the well dries up.

The VCT season is in full swing, with Octopus, Albion and now Mobeus all announcing multi-million-pound fundraising initiatives within days of one another.
After a two-year long hiatus, VCT specialist Mobeus announced it intends to raise up to £80m across its four vehicles, a more modest figure than Octopus’ £200m target but higher than Albion’s £38m fundraise.

The offer from Mobeus, which includes an aggregate subscription of up to £50m, with over-allotment facilities to raise an additional £30m, comes in a year in which VCTs are expected to raise up to £1bn, nearly double last year’s record raise of £542m.

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Source: Portfolio Adviser



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