The o2h Therapeutics and AI Fund (“The Fund”), an early stage S/EIS fund investing in biotechnology therapeutics and related AI opportunities, is pleased to announce an investment in Neurofenix, an innovative digital health company empowering stroke survivors and their families to get their life back. Strokes are currently the single largest cause of adult disability, with over 1.5 million stroke survivors in the UK alone. However because of under-resourced public health care systems and the high costs of private physiotherapy, many survivors are unable to recover to their full potential. Neurofenix is aiming to make rehabilitation more autonomous, enjoyable and accessible to stroke victims and have launched a first-of-its-kind gaming device that has been shown to significantly improve the outcomes of stroke survivors by helping them regain strength and movement in their arms and hands This is o2h Ventures first investment in the digital therapeutics space. This is an emerging area and fits one of the three buckets that the Fund invests into. o2h sees great opportunities in this area where technology meets biotechnology and given the UK’s strong foundation in both these disciplines, o2h Ventures are well positioned to take advantage of this. Sunil Shah, CEO, o2h Ventures who manages The Fund alongside Prashant Shah, said, “We have evaluated lots of opportunities in the digital therapeutics space and this was by far the most attractive, it is a genuine use of AI to help stroke patients. The product is already available in the UK and they have shipped over 200 units with positive patient feedback.” Guillem Singla Buxarrais, Co-Founder and CEO of Neurofenix, added, “We are really excited to have o2h Ventures as an investor in this round, they showed great passion for our product and their industry-specific networks will be valuable to help us create partnerships to grow the business to provide the world’s best home rehabilitation experience to stroke patients”.



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