OnePlanetCapital today announces a new investment in eco-friendly e-Bike conversion kit company Swytch with its flagship Environmental EIS Fund.

Swytch has raised a total of £3.1m at a £35M pre money valuation.

The OnePlanetCapital EIS fund focuses on companies and projects that will genuinely benefit the environmental prospects of the UK and the wider planet, supporting the emerging green economy. Investing into the eBike company Swytch will support the overall negative impact in busy urban environments that are being challenged.

The investment from the OnePlanetCapital Environmental EIS Fund will deliver high environmental impact. Operating in a $23.89bn total addressable market, which is expected to grow to $47.68bn by 2026, the e-bike industry continues to transition customers away from motor vehicle and standard bike use and towards a more sustainable and efficient mode of transport. Transport accounts for 30% of global carbon emissions, with 72% coming entirely from road transport.

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