Platforms are part of the essential plumbing for advisers and investors in most investment areas, but the tax-advantaged space has lagged mainstream markets. Dan Rodwell, CEO of GrowthInvest, goes on Hardman & Co podcast with Dr Brian Moretta to discuss why that is and how it is looking to change it.

GrowthInvest has been on a journey itself, so they start by finding out how it has evolved and why. Dan and Dr Moretta chat about the tax-advantaged market as whole, the additional complications that this space brings for platforms and what can be done about them. They also dig into the challenge of platforms getting to profitability, with Dan setting our clear benchmarks and how & when he thinks GrowthInvest will get there.

With GrowthInvest announcing it is taking on Kuber’s former clients, Dan and Brian explore the failure of the latter and get Dan’s perspective on what went wrong there and what lessons he takes away from it. They also discuss the recent transaction and what it means for Kuber’s former clients, GrowthInvest and the market as a whole.

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