As Octopus Titan Venture Capital Trust starts the VCT season early – it’s the biggest name to date to start fundraising by announcing a fundraising of up to £200 million, equivalent to over a third of the total raised last year by all VCTs combined – the CEO and founder of the Wealth Club believes it marks the fact that VCTs are fast becoming a mainstream investment product.

Alex Davies said: “This is the biggest VCT raise ever and reflects the fact VCTs are fast becoming a mainstream investment option. With cuts to the pension allowances, restrictions on buy to let investing and more onerous taxation we expect demand to be greater than ever. Assessing the VCT market, 2017 looks set to be a record year for fund raising. Current estimations of between £750million and £1billion will dwarf last year’s total of £544 million”.

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Source: GBInvestments



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