Let’s view this recent heatwave both as a warning we can’t ignore and an opportunity we can’t miss.

We cannot set aside the fact that exhaust emissions from cars have a huge impact on what’s happening to our climate, and we need to dramatically increase the pace of transition to zero-emission vehicles.

We are all affected, and we all have a responsibility to take action to negate emissions.

Yet some of the candidates to be the next prime minister believe we should pull back from our target to have net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Right now, is the time to focus on changing our impact on the planet so we can get our climate ambitions back on track. EVs are a powerful weapon in this battle. They reduce greenhouse gas and tailpipe emissions to zero, leading to cleaner air and a healthier environment.

There is still work to do but we must not overlook humanity’s ability to innovate at pace – EV technology is evolving at an incredible rate.

Combine this with being able to extract more energy from renewable sources and advances in how we recycle the parts our cars are made from, the overall impact cars have on the world around them will diminish.

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