On International Women’s Day, female representatives of Mercia’s investment team argue that whilst there are shortcomings in the VC industry, some progress is being made but insist that mandating female-led investment levels is not necessary.

Many institutional investors employ no women at senior level, with industry wide figures reaching a paltry six percent. Mercia’s Investment Director Jill Williams and Investment Manager Sandy Reid believe that a full and diverse investment team could be the touchstone to breaking the deadlock, but both vehemently insist that this shouldn’t be achieved through tokenism.

This subject has received wide-reaching interest following the recently published UK VC & Female Founders report which highlighted that for every £1 of venture capital investment, less than 1p goes to all-female founder teams. By comparison, all-male founder teams receive 89p and mixed-gender teams get the remaining 10p. The research, commissioned by the government, will inform ongoing work to tackle the underfunding issue and ultimately boost the economy.

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