General questions

GrowthInvest brings together entrepreneurs looking to raise capital for their business with our network of investors and intermediaries.
The platform lists a variety of business proposals – spanning over different sectors and stages of growth. Investors are able to analyse the details of each deal, carry out their own due diligence, communicate with the respective entrepreneurs, and then make a decision about whether to take things further. It is also possible for investors and entrepreneurs to meet up and discuss potential investment terms.
We work closely with intermediaries to aid us in the process of finding both businesses and investors to broaden the scope of opportunities and increase the chance for investments.
The GrowthInvest also organizes pitching events and can provide due diligence and analytical information where required.
The platform is free to join for investors and intermediaries, and requires filling in a short questionnaire to confirm suitability and create a profile. The platform is free for
Entrepreneurs to register their business proposal but there is a charge to use the platform’s services; outlined here.
You will be able to keep track of all your investments through your profile on the platform as well as receiving email updates when investments are made. It will also tell you where you have pledged funds and be updated once the money has officially been invested.
Intermediaries on the platform possess the ability to track their investors and investments from associated networks.
The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (‘Seed EIS’) is designed to help small, early-stage companies to raise equity finance by offering a range of tax reliefs to individual investors who purchase new shares in those companies.
It complements the Enterprise Investment Scheme (‘EIS’) which continues to offer tax reliefs to investors in higher-risk small companies.
Seed EIS is intended to recognize the particular difficulties which very early stage companies face in attracting investment, by offering tax relief at a higher rate than that offered by the existing EIS.
Seed EIS:
Investors can receive an initial income tax relief of 50% on investments up to £100,000.
The shares must be held for a minimum of 3 years, if the shares are disposed of within the 3 year period the tax relief will be withdrawn.
If the shares have been held for at least 3 years any profits made from the sale of these shares are free from Capital Gains Tax.
A loss arising on the disposal of shares invested under the SEIS may be offset either against an individual’s general income or against their capital gains. The loss is the amount of the subscription net of Income Tax relief obtained.
There’s no Inheritance Tax to pay on shares bought through SEIS.
There is an extra relief called capital gains reinvestment relief. This is useful to you if you have recently paid capital gains tax on other investments. You can reclaim up to 50% of the tax paid if you reinvest that money into SEIS.More information can be found here:
Investors can receive an initial income tax relief of 30% on investments up to £1,000,000.
The shares must be held for a minimum of 3 years, if the shares are disposed of within the 3 year period the tax relief will be withdrawn.
If the shares have been held for at least 3 years any profits made from the sale of these shares are free from Capital Gains Tax.
If shares are disposed of at a loss, the investor can elect that the amount of the loss, less Income Tax relief given, can be set against income of the year in which they were disposed or, on income of the previous year instead of being set of against any capital gains.
There’s no Inheritance Tax to pay on shares bought through EIS.More information can be found here:
Please click on ‘Register ’ on the top right of the screen or click here. Then follow the instructions to join as either an investor or entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur questions

To list your business proposal you must first register on the site and create a profile.
To register, please click “Register as an Entrepreneur”
In your profile you will have to fill in some of the details about your business including the amount of funds wanting to be raised and information on your management team. Following this we require you to write a short summary on the different aspects of your business as well as uploading a detailed business plan and financial projections.
The platform lists a variety of business proposals – spanning different sectors and stages of growth.
GrowthInvest provides mentoring and investment capital for businesses that qualify for SEIS or EIS. Listing is free which gains access to a large network of UK professional investors and financial intermediaries.
When demand exceeds the target raised entrepreneurs and investors are able to discuss the possibility of raising further capital.
Business Proposals can be edited and updated throughout the process simply by editing your profile.
We work as a bridge between the investor and business owner. The majority of the communication works through us but investors have the option to contact the business owners via the site privately or post a question via the Q and A section.
If we can’t answer the question from the information we have, then a member of our team will call or email you requesting the necessary information.
There is no fee for signing up your business on the platform. We do charge an 8% fee on funds raised through our platform post investments has been done.
We offer additional services that we quote independently and offer different vetting stages for your business. Coming on to our platform is free but investors demand quality assurance that we offer our business owners in three levels of due diligence: Gold, Silver and Bronze. When you are confident of wanting to move your proposition forward we will discuss and agree on the fees based on your needs and wishes.
The responsibility for protecting intellectual property falls on the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is in control of the information provided on their proposal. This being subject to regulatory approval.
The GrowthInvest would encourage the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements if that is appropriate to the business.
The entrepreneur can use the investor profiling system to learn about the investor and contact them for further discussions.
Your details are securely stored on the site.
We only share your details with our official partners who we believe to be able to assist you and your future growth post capital raising.
If you have received investment from an external source you can include this in your fundraising figures and it will be exempt from the final commission we charge on funds raised.
You can request for your profile and details to be removed from the site at any time by calling a member of the team or e-mailing
The platform is designed so that you are not bombarded with emails and new projects etc.
If you are receiving mail on a project you have joined but are no longer interested in then simply login and return to that business proposal and then “unjoin” that group.
If you want email contact to be removed completely please email

Investor questions

To create a profile, you first need to register on the site.
You will then be asked basic details and then move on to “investor” specific questions.
Once you have registered and have been approved onto the platform you will be able to view the businesses by logging into your profile. As a registered investor you can also attend our live pitch events to meet and hear directly from the directors of the businesses.
If you feel you are ready to pledge an investment then please return to the business proposal page and click on the “Pledge Investment” button on the business proposal. You have to be a member of the platform to view detailed info of the proposals and make pledges. Being only on the watch list of a company will keep you in the news loop integrated on the proposals.
Most projects have an investment deadline. At that point the business will have a chance to assess what pledges have been received and decide the next steps.
If your pledge is accepted, you’ll be quickly contacted by the entrepreneur with details of where to make payment for shares and contact for investment.
We don’t envisage there to be any legal implications to not investing.
Yes each business proposal will have a planned deadline for expression of investment. If the project is not filled by this point, there may be circumstances for extension where we believe interested parties may not have met the deadline.
However once a deadline has passed, in most cases this project will be removed from the current business proposals.
If a project is oversubscribed then there will be a consultation period with the entrepreneur in the few days following the deadline.
The entrepreneur may take account of factors such as investment record on other projects, commitment history, average size, whether the investor is silent and a number of other factors.
Offers will then be sent out in the same manner to those who have been successful and those who have not been notified by e-mail.
There is no appeal process as the business entrepreneur retains complete discretion over who to accept as a new shareholder.
The investors’ names will only be visible to the business owners if they add the business to their watch list or actually make a pledge. In both instances the business owners will be notified by an email and can reach out directly.
The investor is able to monitor and communicate with the invested business via the funded proposal within the platform.
Invested companies are required to provide quarterly updates, biannual management accounts and notification of any future events affecting the share structure of the company.
Once the business has been trading for 4 months or after spending 70% of the raised capital they will complete the SEIS 1/EIS 1 form.
Following this the director of the business will issue the SEIS 3/EIS 3 to investors this is normally done in 4-6 weeks after the SEIS 1/EIS 1 has been submitted.
Alternatively if the business has already been trading for 4 months prior to the raise they can immediately send of the SEIS 1/EIS 1 forms speeding up the process.
The site is advertised in a number of ways including; industry journals, trade shows, word of mouth between industry specialists and via a number of modes of social media.
You can request to leave the website at any time and your account will be made inactive. If you return we can easily reactivate your account.

Intermediary questions

Creating a profile is easy. The simplest way is to go to the home page and click the ‘Register Free’ button under the intermediary tab. Once this is complete you will need to be approved prior to having full access to all the features of the platform.
Creating a network allows you to monitor and control investments made by people that you introduce to the platform. Once you have registered simply click the ‘Add Investor’ tab to enter an investors details manually and create an account. Alternatively click the ‘View Investor Invite’ tab to send a bespoke URL to the investor inviting them onto the platform.
Yes you can. The platform allows you to maintain full control of your HNW clients.
Yes. You will have full visibility of your clients whether they are investors or entrepreneurs that you have introduced. In addition to this you can easily filter and select appropriate SEIS/EIS investment for your clients to view.
We ask all investee business to provide shareholder updates on a quarterly basis as well as bi-annual management accounts after year one. Shareholder updates may take the form of a document available in your clients account, conference calls or face to face meetings. In addition shareholders are notified of any corporate actions or further raises. GrowthInvest will monitor and revalue the client portfolio when new share price transactions have been completed.
Intermediaries and clients are also able to communicate directly with company directors through the platform. Lastly portfolio summaries are available for download by intermediaries, bespoke client reports can be created on the platform for use at client meetings.
No, your details are not shared with any other members of the platform. GrowthInvest takes privacy and data protection very seriously. Please review our privacy policy if you’d like more information.
As soon as you have created yourself an account you will be able to view live proposals on the platform. Simply visit the main site and click the tab ‘Investment Opportunities’. You can also view business proposals that are yet to go live if they have been introduced by you or the firm you are attached to. In order to do this click ‘Home’ then ‘Business’ then from the drop down menu ‘View Business Proposals’.’
If at any stage you want to remove your details from the platform you can contact us and request this to happen using the email