Being asked for predictions for 2019 is somewhat of a poisoned chalice and given the high-profile uncertainties at home and abroad it may be foolhardy to categorically state that ‘X is likely to happen’.

It should be caveated that political and economic certainty are both, by their very nature, myths but perhaps we can all agree that 2019 has more foreseen uncertainty than most years – at the time of writing, everything Brexit-related is up in the air, the US government is closed, a US and China trade war continues to loom large and Apple has issued its first revenue warning in years.

So, against this backdrop what predictions can possibly be made? I’m certainly not going to make any predictions about who the UK Prime Minister will be by the end of the year, nor will I attempt to make any assumptions around the UK leaving the EU.

With all that in mind perhaps any look at the future for 2019 must begin and end rather closer to home. We all know that different political parties look at the financial services market in different ways, and therefore when looking ahead we must try to adopt an ‘all things being equal’ approach, even if this is a highly unsatisfactory one and means we may have to talk in generalities.

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