• 62% of people say saving for the future is a high priority right now.
  • These recent findings highlight the importance for straight talking pension education.
  • The findings are being released to mark this year’s Pension Awareness Campaign (11-15th September), which marks a 10-year milestone for the campaign.

Saving for retirement is front and centre for the majority of Britons right now, with 62% of people saying saving for their future is a high priority to them. The survey was conducted among more than 7000 UK adults in August, as part of the Pension Awareness Campaign.

These latest results highlight how vital Pension Awareness is – and why straight-talking pension help and support is so needed.

The Pension Awareness Campaign, created by Grimsby based savings crusaders Pension Geeks, begins on 11th September and runs until the 15th September – ending on the day of all days: Pension Awareness Day.

This year is the 10th Anniversary of the campaign. And, although it’s evolved and adapted and grown, it’s still fundamentally the same as it always was: an event to unite experts, invite people to come together and think about what their retirement means to them, and – above all – feel empowered to take control of their pensions.

From Monday to Friday, workplaces and members of the public will be able to view 3, 45-minute live webinars a day, covering everything from some of the broader topics to the grizzly details of more particular pension intricacies, all hosted online, via the Pension Awareness live streaming platform.

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