As we make our way through February, and closer to the end of the tax year, let’s take a look back at some VCT investments in companies which were completed in 2023, along with insights into their economic and social benefits.

Malcolm Ferguson, Fund Manager of Octopus Titan VCT, said:

“We invested in HelloSelf in early 2023 where we led a £15 million funding round. HelloSelf is a digital, personalised psychological therapy and coaching platform focused on improving long-term clinically recognised and subjective mental health outcomes. However, we first met with founder and CEO Charlie Wells in March 2020, the week before the first Covid lockdown started.

“Charlie started the business in 2018 after he ripped the artery to his visual cortex and fell into a coma. Charlie underwent five brain surgeries and after this he had to learn to rebuild every aspect of his daily life. The neuro-recovery team that he worked with made him focus on one per cent gains and how to measure those gains.

“Learning from that experience, Charlie built HelloSelf to enable every single person to be the best version of themselves, by focusing on the one per cent, one day at a time. Charlie is a unique individual, and he and his leadership team are a key part of why we invested.

“We were delighted to be able to lead their most recent funding round, having watched the company deliver on all the things it had set out to do back in March 2020. We have joined the board of the company, where we work closely with Charlie and his team. It’s fairly typical for us to be communicating with our founders on a weekly basis or whenever needed.

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