Matt Dickens, Senior Business Development Director at Ingenious highlights different considerations for advisers discussing later life planning with clients

For over a year, many investors have held off on making vital decisions due to the fear of the unknown, longer-term impact of the pandemic. While investors can be forgiven for their continued caution when it comes to making long-term financial planning decisions, they need to accept that yet another year or more of inaction brings its own real risk. And the longer they vacillate, the more risk they are taking in missing out on the potential benefits of the right financial strategy.

Advisers with clients planning for later life are typically looking to achieve steady, inflation-beating returns with low volatility. But investors are cautious about listed markets where they see high volatility driven by market sentiment, so increasingly, many are considering unlisted investments as they are not affected in the same way. Still, the pandemic has had a profound impact on most industries, but one sector that has remained resilient, and in fact surprised most with positive results, is residential real estate.

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