Find out how you can build a portfolio of AIM stocks that can help significantly reduce IHT

There have been concerns about whether business property relief for inheritance tax (IHT) would continue in its current form. A review was commissioned into the subject, but there are no changes as yet. This is good news for AIM investors who can continue to use this tax break to avoid paying tax on the assets passed on to their inheritors.

The idea behind the perk is that founders of businesses can pass them on to their family without the need to liquidate assets to pay tax on the value of the transfer. A report published in 2019 did suggest a review on the IHT relief offered through investment in AIM shares. Nothing has come of this.

So, investors need to be aware of the possibility of changes to, or the scrapping of, IHT relief. Investments are required to be owned for at least two years before they become eligible for the relief, so a longer-term outlook is required.

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